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Steve’s notepad

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Remember who you are

There is so much pain on Bucky’s face that I can hardly take it. SHUT UP! Because it is impossible, right? That he has a name, because a name would mean that he is a person and that he once had a life. Steve can’t be right because that would mean his whole existence has been a complete lie. That he is not just a weapon, but a man who has been tortured and corrupted. He needs to be The Winter Soldier because it is all he knows.  You’re my mission, he tells Steve. He tells himself. He needs to end it . The Winter Soldier always completes his mission. The shock on that last gif after Steve tells him that he would be with him to the end of the line. He doesn’t really know what Steve is talking about but there is a part of him that feels a connection with those words. And he is looking at this bruised man, his mission, and he is letting himself get beaten down instead of fighting back and he is telling him something that resonates with a past he never thought he had or would ever get back, and nope. 

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